SHLC Mission


Somerset Hills Lacrosse Club, Inc. (SHLC) is a community based, child-focused organization, which provides instructional & competitive lacrosse for the benefit & enjoyment of the children that participate. We are dedicated to promoting the great game of lacrosse for boys and girls in the Bernardsville are ages 5 through grade 8. Our coaches, parents and players are encouraged to have fun while developing the player’s character, skill and love for the game. We strive to maintain a club program where every participant, regardless of initial skill level, has the opportunity to learn the fame, develop individual and teamwork skills, and prepare for the high school level of lacrosse.

The program focuses on life, athletic skill and development, personal growth, & fun. The goal of this organization is to instill lifelong enjoyment and understanding of the sport of lacrosse. We also value good sportsmanship both on and off the field and encourage our players to reach their full potential. The foundation of SHLC is based on the 7 principles of Fair Play.



1.     Make it fun

2.     Limit Standing Around

3.     Everyone plays

4.     Teach every position to every participant

5.     Emphasize the fundamentals

6.     Incorporate a progression of skill development for every participant

7.     Yell encouragement, Whisper constructive criticism


Our K-2nd, 3rd and 4th grade programs focus on fundamentals and instruction to develop the basic skills of lacrosse.  Our 5th through 8th grade programs are developed and train to participate in competitive spring games and tournaments scheduled against other programs in the NJJLL and JGLA leagues.  As a club we look to develop our young athletes' love for the game of lacrosse, and also their skills and strengths to help them excel at the game and look to play for the Bernards High School Mountaineers, or other program of their choice.

SHLC teams participate as a club in the spring season only.  Online registration using our website begins late November and closes at the end of February.  Practices begin in February or March, games begin in early April and the season concludes in early June. All of our teams are formed by grade level.

SHLC youth also have opportunities outside the spring season to play and train together and with youth from other programs.  These opportunities are offered by private, for-profit organizations that are NOT affiliated with SHLC.  As a club, SHLC does encourage training with some of these organizations to keep our youth playing in the off season, but we receive no financial or any other form of incentive from any of these entities.